søndag den 28. december 2008

Notion : Daily DomiNotion

In the spirit of Kevin Nottinghams new contest called IllMatic Beat Contest where we must recreate a beat from the original samples used for the Nas album.. Confused ?
Well, not to long ago, another contest had its prime with the australian artist Notion, and I got the acapellas and the album and went blanc on ideas foir this project untill I was working on the remake of Nas' album - Why not combine Notion with the talent and the samples from Gangstarr's 'Daily Operation' and reproduce it together as 'Daily DomiNotion' - I'm 4 tracks deep and have mailed Notion to ask him about the idea...

yo man!
I hit up the site, and holy shit i was on there lol! Sick! Where did ya get the pics from loL? myspace or facebook? haha it came out cool, if ya want i got a gang more flicks for you to use for it, and other shit. lemme know.
Thanks man for all this, im flattered. Go nuts and remix wateva ya want, reference them to the originals to see if the raps come in early or wateva, and have fun!
hit me up..

APpreciate the love,
Peace fam

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The last album of 2008

Dear friends... In spirit of new year and christmas, I've created amixtape for the last hour of 2008... I'm gonna throw it in my systemand be a selfish bastard into the last time of 2008 and into 2009, andhope that you will do the same... ¤ track on each 15 mins counts downto 2009 and blows us in the new year with new adventures forRap1Masse..
Download here..

Oh and Kevin, feel free to throw my link in your bloglist or honorbleroll or something... Happy new year and see you all in 2009

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tirsdag den 16. december 2008

Dead links and new sleep

It has come tomy attention, that some of the Zshare links wasn't working, so I'm throwing them up again...

Furthermore I've made the instrumental album of 'Before I sleep' since a lot found the album great for writing, riding and sliding music... Thanx for all the support - I'm very proud of the remix and the old school sound in it, and I'm still considering another jukie for one more theme album.. And people people.. There are more to come, both remix albums and instrumentals..

Download Before I sleep
Download Before I sleep Instrumental

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mandag den 15. december 2008

Change Clothes Rmx Video

I had to have a video for one of the tracks...

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søndag den 14. december 2008

Jay Z & O.V. Wright : The Wright Original Samples Album

Goon asked for an Original samples album for this, so I gave him one.. I have nothing to do with this album, besides for remixing them with the greatest musician and blending them together..
Download here

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fredag den 12. december 2008

Lego Album covers

Ja, jeg fandt det her, og så ville jeg sgu også være med...

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torsdag den 11. december 2008

Jay Z & O.V. Wright : The Wright Album

I know you,ve seen a bunch of remix albums from Jay's Black Album, and
you just had an overdose of the American Gangster remixes - I've done
it, together with The Billprint,joining Jay with Bill Withers and If
you enjoyed that, you should enjoy this..

This is the 'cozy crispy get into the zone' remix album for the cold
winther days.. This Remix album is all Jay Z, and all O.V. Wright on
add. vocals, the sound is warm and smooth and without any extra drums,
bass and nothing.. Get it in your system at once and get down with the
sound of Jay Z and O.V. Wright..
Download her..

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søndag den 7. december 2008


It's been a while.. My problem hasn't been the net or the modem or anything like that - It has mainly been the fact that my music program Acid Pro decided to be an arse and not show me the waves in a piece of music, but showed me an empty bar no matter what I did - I tried to reinstall the shit and go to forums to tell my situation.. I tried a newer version with the same result.. Finally I tried to download a netwire helping graphic works and it helped.. My problem is that I did discover it a bit late because of my projects. I'm always a few projects ahead of my planner, but dealing with this problem took a whole lot of work and thinking.. I'm back in the lab, still convinced that I did best in not letting anyone in my staff or outside the office try to repair my computer or fix my program... Im still looking at the projects and try to uphold a timeline, thinking of the Tour1Masse and the amount of accapellas for 2009...

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torsdag den 4. december 2008

Common : It used to be so Common

It Used to be so Commonså kom den endelig.. Jeg tager chancen og smider den ud med 4 dages forsinkelse, på trods af at jeg endnu ikke føler at mit udstyr er oppe og køre 100 % Men her er så Common med en mere simpel lyd fra en tid, hvor man lige havde fået sampler og nød at kunne betjene den..
Download her

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onsdag den 3. december 2008

Acid Pro Dead

Jeg har bare ikke kunne lave en skid musik... Der er da ikke noget værre end at ens program ikke virker optimalt... Efter 10 dages kamp med versioner, gamle tricks og en enkelt ekspert til kaffe og kig på maskinen, så kan den lidt igen... Jeg har vendt, vredet, adskilt, varmet, kølet, råbt af, grædt over, klynket med den maskine og nu kan jeg igen se de kære spor og niveauer der gjorde at jeg kunne lave musik.... Så nu kører vi forhåbligt igen, og lad os se hvornår jeg er oppe på normal hastighed igen - Jeg er 10 dages beat bagud...

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mandag den 1. december 2008

Deconstrcting Illmatic by Dan Love

Although I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions, I did make a promise to myself to up my commitment to Oh Word and increase my frequency of posting in ‘08. Of course, given Rafi’s recent unveiling of future plans for the site it seems like my days of venting hip hop geekery upon you at this particular corner of the wild and treacherous internet are now numbered: that’ll teach me for breaking with tradition and actually setting myself some goals at the turn of the year.

Anyways, what better way to celebrate the end of an era at Oh Word than by celebrating the greatest hip hop album of all time? What follows is a breakdown of all the key samples that went into the making of Illmatic, beat by beat. It’s not entirely exhaustive, but all the key grooves and some drum breaks are included in the following deconstructions. And yes, you’re right, this took a while…

Grand Wizard Theodore – Subway Theme
Main Source – Live At The BBQ
Given that this post is intended to purely deconstruct the samples used in the making of Illmatic, this brief note on ‘The Genesis’ is really just for the sake of pedantic completism. If you didn’t already know, which I assume you do, ‘The Genesis’ is comprised of Nas’s first appearance on wax with the Main Source crew on the classic posse cut ‘Live At The BBQ’ and excerpts from the equally classic and genre-defining film Wild Style. With Grand Wizard Theodore’s ‘Subway Theme’ reverberating throughout what seems like the whole of the borough of Queens, Nas takes the opportunity to remind us that, “niggaz don’t listen man, representin’, it’s Illmatic.” It’s on…

NY State Of Mind
Donald Byrd – Flight Time
Joe Chambers – Mind Rain
The first of the three Premo produced cuts, ‘NY State Of Mind’ is the darkest and most chilling of his contributions to the album, aptly setting the grimy yet melodic tone that permeates the LP. The harrowing high-pitched guitar notes that open up the track are lifted from Donald Byrd’s ‘Flight Time’ from his 1972 release on Blue Note, Black Byrd. This is of course just one small instance of Byrd’s work finding a home in a hip hop context, and his legacy as an artist still burns brightly in part due to the amount of sample fodder he provided for a wide range of legendary producers over the last two decades or so. It’s only a small touch in ‘NY State Of Mind’, but it’s a detail that complements the vibe of the track perfectly.

The more prominent groove of piano notes is taken from the 1.08 mark of Joe Chambers’s song ‘Mind Rain’ from his Double Exposure LP. I know very little about Chambers as an artist, but from brief research on the net it seems that he played a prominent role in the mid-’60s Blue Note releases as well as playing backup to many of the more prominent figures in jazz of the day and beyond. It’s a fantastic discovery on Premo’s part, an almost perfect one bar sample that is rounded off by the flurry of two higher notes at the end of the bar.

Throw in some heavy drums and it’s done: one of the greatest openers, if not the greatest opener, of any album in the history of the genre.

Life’s A Bitch
The Gap Band – Yearning For Your Love
‘Life’s A Bitch’ has always stood as an anomaly for me on Illmatic. Not only is it the sole track that features a guest MC spot, it is also by far the smoothest beat to be found anywhere on the album. This is of course in no small part a result of the sample source, lifted by L.E.S. from The Gap Band’s rather self-explanatory titled Gap Band III (although I believe that there may have been two albums that preceded this numbered series during the band’s formative years). The LP spawned several hits as the group began making steady progress into the charts, including ‘Yearning For Your Love’ which peaked at #60 on the Billboard Hot 100 in June of ’81 and forms the backbone of Nas and AZ’s classic collaboration.

The sample doesn’t take much spotting as it’s essentially a two bar loop with a little EQ tweaking, found after the intro to the track at the 0.22 mark. L.E.S. doesn’t leave it completely alone though, placing a few extra kick drums into the groove and layering over a more prominent rimshot/snare hit for that extra dose of flava. Beyond that there really isn’t much to it, although ‘Life’s A Bitch’ is special for one final reason, as it’s the only example of live instrumentation to be found on the album. The trumpet solo that brings the cut to a close is in fact played by Nas’s father Olu Dara (born Charles Jones III), and it provides a beautifully wistful end to a track that feels drenched in the dying rays of a crimson sunset over the city.

The World Is Yours
Ahmad Jamal – I Love Music
I can’t remember exactly where I sourced this titbit of information, but apparently when Premier listened to Pete Rock’s lone contribution to Illmatic, he went back to the lab, scrapped what he already had and started over. Whether this is true or not is open to debate, but it is a pleasingly romantic vision of the creative process that went into the construction of the album and a tale that confirms what you already know: ‘The World Is Yours’ is one of the Chocolate Boy Wonder’s finest moments on wax.

Rock sources his pianos from Ahmad Jamal’s ‘I Love Music’, the second song from his heavily-mined LP The Awakening. It’s a deft act of chopping from Mt. Vernon’s Finest, jacking a sequence from the 5.00 mark and subtly rearranging it to create the loop that forms the backbone of one of my favourite cuts from the album. ‘I Love Music’ is of note for those interested in Premier’s digging habits as well, as it also provides the sample for Jeru’s exceptional ‘Me Or The Papes’ from his sophomore outing Wrath Of The Math.

Although I’m not sure where Pete Rock sourced the drums for ‘The World Is Yours’, there’s one detail to the programming that I feel compelled to point out. The cowbell hits that are laid over each snare and immediately follow on the eighth of a bar are an incredibly subtle touch, but their inclusion is masterful: attention to detail is undoubtedly where it’s at.

Average White Band – Schoolboy Crush
Gary Byrd – Soul Travellin’ Pt. I
Hair OST (Japanese Release) – ‘Dead End’
Average White Band’s impact on hip hop culture is significant, with a handful of extremely significant breaks that have at times transcended the genre and made it into the popular consciousness via artists such as Janet Jackson, TLC and Color Me Badd. In the case of ‘Halftime’, it’s ‘Schoolboy Crush’ that receives the sample treatment at the hands of Large Pro, and it’s those inimitable sleigh bells that help give the cut its undeniable swagger. Check the vocal at 4.25 as well to complete the picture: you’ll know it when you hear it.

For the horns Extra P gets his fingers dusty on a copy of Gary Byrd’s ‘Soul Travellin’ Pt. I’, an artist whose presence on the internet is extremely limited (and as such, so is my knowledge). You only have to listen to the first few seconds of the track to feel in familiar territory, although there’s some nice reverb on display here from Large Pro, effectively playing on the first couple of notes from the slammin’ horn track to be found in the original song. From what I can garner, Byrd eventually went on to form the group named Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience who released a few records on Motown in the ‘80s, but that’s about all I can tell you. Brother of Donald? Who knows: speak ya clout and drop some knowledge on my ignorant ass.

The final element to note in Large Pro’s composition is the filtered bass line lifted from the Japanese version of the Hair OST. ‘Dead End’ was originally cut from the run and only added at a later date, hence its inclusion on the Japanese edition and its omission from versions released elsewhere. Extra P’s innovation is astonishing here, completely transforming the break that occurs at the 0.14 mark, and I particularly like the fact that small traces of the vocal manage to endure, giving the groove a sense of space that is truly remarkable given its otherwise simplistic aesthetic.

Memory Lane
Reuben Wilson – We’re In Love
Lee Dorsey – Get Out My Life Woman
Although ‘N.Y. State Of Mind’ is probably the more highly revered cut, and ‘Represent’ demonstrates the more innovative use of a sample, ‘Memory Lane’ ranks as my favourite Premier production on the album. Backed by the ubiquitous Lee Dorsey drum break, there is a brilliance to this song that allows it to peep its head over the shoulders of the other giants on the LP. Those _drums_…

For the main groove Premo grabs a chunk of Reuben Wilson’s ‘We’re In Love’ from his 1971 album Set Us Free, the final chapter in his Blue Note odyssey that saw him release five albums in the space of three years. The two bars in question drop at the 0.20 mark, a fantastic break comprised of Wilson’s Hammond organ, guitar, vocals and percussion, and although Preem slows the groove down a little, this is essentially a straight loop with absolutely no fiddling. The adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ has rarely seemed as pertinent, and it is the sheer bangin’ simplicity of ‘Memory Lane’ that makes it so incredibly captivating. Man, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to…

One Love
Heath Brothers – Smiling Billy Pt. II
Parliament – Come In Out The Rain

What I really dig about the Abstract’s production style on ‘One Love’ is that he resists the temptation to chop up samples too heavily, thereby keeping the sound fluid and warm. This cut is a case in point, with Tip jacking the first 23 seconds of the Heath Brothers’ ‘Smilin’ Billy Suite Part II’ from their 1975 release Marchin’ On and doing very little with it beyond the addition of drums and volume changes as the sample is introduced. This introductory section really is masterful, with Mtume Heath’s percussion part from the original source gradually building into the mix before its complete introduction after the initial eight bar sequence which brings with it the unveiling of double bass and piano tracks. From here on in there really are very few changes, the different musical elements of the track creating a mystical and hypnotic platform for Nas’s musings that simply doesn’t require too much fiddling around with. No extra loop at the chorus, no bridge section, only a handful of breakdowns: it’s a veritable lesson in measured, instinctive and thoroughly considered hip hop production techniques.

For the drum track Tip turns to Parliament’s song ‘Come In Out The Rain’ from their first official LP entitled Osmium, released on Invictus in 1970. The break crops up right at the beginning of the track, and although The Abstract’s skilfully executed chops disguise the original sample source, there’s no mistaking the kicks and snares that form the bangin’ percussion that drives ‘One Love’. Of course, Parliament themselves need little introduction in hip hop circles given that George Clinton’s legendary group are rightfully regarded amongst the godfathers of funk and have acted as a sample source for a list of acts that reads like a who’s who of golden era hip hop, particularly for artists based on the West Coast. Crazy hair and breaks: it’s a legacy made in heaven.

One Time 4 Your Mind
Jimmy Gordon – Walter L
Although the liner notes of Illmatic state Gary Burton’s ‘Walter L’ as the principle sample source contained within ‘One Time For Your Mind,’ things ain’t quite that straightforward. It transpires that it is Jimmy Gordon’s version of the ‘Walter L’ song that finds its way into Large Pro’s composition, a straight one bar loop jacked from the section beginning at the 0.20 mark made up of guitar and ascending bass notes. In real terms it is the simplest beat that Extra P contributes to the album, with both ‘Halftime’ and ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’ both featuring a wider range of sample sources and more complex production techniques.

However, trying to find out the origins of the Jimmy Gordon song is challenging to say the least (particularly when you are limited to internet-based research). With no listing on Discogs or any mention on Wikipedia, the song seems to have been swallowed somewhat by the sands of time. The chief contender appears to be Jim Gordon, a prolific session drummer who recorded for a myriad of artists during the ‘60s and ‘70s before being incarcerated for bludgeoning and stabbing his mother to death (I think it’s fair to say the man may have experienced some ‘issues’). As the rights to the song clearly belong to Gary Burton, I would think that it’s safe to assume that the version that gets jacked for ‘One Time 4 Your Mind’ was recorded after 1966, and the vibe of the Gordon track is certainly in keeping with this timeframe. This is further consolidated by the fact that he did also appear in the Scorsese directed documentary The Last Waltz playing the sax as part of The Band, and was also the drummer for The Incredible Bongo Band on their Bongo Rock LP, the home of the legendary ‘Apache’. These various pieces of evidence suggest that it is a cover performed by Gordon, although there is no information available that confirms a release date or in fact the existence of his version of ‘Walter L’, so a definitive answer eludes me.

Whatever the case may be, I opened a can of worms with this one. Just goes to show that there are still holes in the substantial knowledge base that is the world wide web…

Lee Erwin – Thief Of Baghdad
(Shouts to Scholar @ Souled On for the hook up)
‘Represent’ is the result of undoubtedly the most innovative piece of crate diggin’ on display on Illmatic. Whilst the majority of hip hop jams are comprised of small chunks of funk, soul and jazz from the ‘60s and ‘70s, Premier eschews this trend for something completely different on the album’s penultimate track. Thief Of Baghdad is a silent film that starred Douglas Fairbanks and featured a soundtrack composed by organist Lee Erwin that was released in 1924. That’s right: 1924. If ever you needed the beat diggin’ capabilities of DJ Premier confirmed, this would surely be the break to do it with.

The original song is a haunting piece of music that sounds almost oriental in places, and its filmic nature is clear from the high drama of the opening section. However, when this is stripped away at the 0.55 mark, a remarkably familiar beast emerges. What amazes me about this sample is how well it works in its new context, and its not only a demonstration of Preem’s sophisticated musical ear, but also of the organic and time-bending nature of hip hop itself. I think there’s something incredibly beautiful about the way in which this song gels together seemingly disparate elements: an organ from 1924; drums that draw their influence from the funk and soul of the ‘60s and ‘70s; the words of a young kid from Queensbridge from the ‘90s. I’m guessing that you feel the same way.

It Ain’t Hard To Tell
Michael Jackson – Human Nature
Kool & The Gang – NT
Stanley Clarke – Slow Dance
And so it is that we arrive at the album closer and one of my personal favourites from Illmatic. ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’ seems to be a song that splits opinion somewhat, and although it was arguably a strange choice for a 12’’ release, I don’t really see how anybody can overlook the sumptuous nature of the production to be found on the final chapter of the LP. There are actually more samples involved in the composition than I present to you here, but these are the most easily identifiable and obvious a part of ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’.

‘Human Nature’ needs little introduction. One of Michael Jackson’s finest ever slow grooves, the guitars and synths of the opening couple of bars make up the loop for the main verse sections, but Large Pro takes the time to fuck with Jackson’s vocals as well for the intro and chorus sections of ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’, taking four descending notes from the final section of ‘Human Nature’ that arrive around the 3.29 mark. From here there are several more layers to account for, the most prominent of which comes from Kool & The Gang’s heavily used ‘N.T.’ song, found on their relatively sought after album Live At P.J.’s. The sax loop is lifted from a section of the track that feels almost like a veritable journey through a sample odyssey, such was the popularity of the break amongst proprietors of that good ol’ boom bap, although the section in question here can be found at the 3.11 mark.

Other than that it’s just the drums, and these can be found on Stanley Clarke’s ‘Slow Dance’ from his 1978 album Modern Man. In some ways it surprises me that this break hasn’t seen a little more use, as its clear kick and snare pattern seems tailor made for hip hop production, but to my knowledge it never seemed to gain particular favour with the producing elite during the early to mid ‘90s. Go figure…

Hope you enjoyed this level of nostalgic indulgence: I know I did. After all, who wouldn’t grab the chance to revel in the joys of Illmatic? If you wouldn’t, the only question that remains is simple: what the hell are you doing here?

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fredag den 21. november 2008

Christmas Catalogue

XMas CatalogYou know it... You're all caught up in that December trap, thinking about gifts and what to get all your family and friends - And yes, yoiu knew, that we were bring something to you.. Here's the full catalogue with all the shizzle for your friends.. So spread the joy and the remix albums, cause you know that you're gonna forget a present and it is easier to send an album with a rare collection of classical hip hop, remixed by Isbjerg... So get down with the getdown...

Uncle Isbjerg

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søndag den 16. november 2008

Nyt Wallpaper og Remix

så er der nyt fra R1M lejren.. En ny samling af remix fra diverse kunstnere og som bonus - Reklamen derfra... Download Album

We got the news from R1M, that a new remix album has landed...
And... the commercial from that in wallpaperform.. Download

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torsdag den 13. november 2008


Jeg har haft en del tekniske problem, såsom virus, spyware og popups i massevis... Alt dette har udsat en hel del af produkterne, men når alt er oppe og køre normalt, sætter jeg tempoet op og får os tilbage på kurs.. Jeg regner med at være oppe på dupperne igen i næste uge...

I've had a whole bunch of technical problems, such as virus, spyware and popups - All this have made a large setback, but I'll be up and running again next week...

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torsdag den 30. oktober 2008

Spildansk dagen

For at støtte danske kunstnere, så er halvofficielt lavet en dag for at spille danske kunstnere, og jeg står da ikke tilbage for at bakke op om det forslag... Så her er mit bidrag - Et remix1masse album, lidt mindre end det normale, men lavet i hast for at få danske kunstnere ud i rampelyset...

To support starving danish artists, there's been made an half officiel day for the radios and tv stations to play danish music, and I'm not the one to skip that suggestion... So here's my contribution - A remix1masse album, a bit smaller and the ordinary but made in haste to spit danish artists out in the spotlight...

Download her

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søndag den 26. oktober 2008

Drop the mic...

Vi har lige fået en mail fra Isbjerg :

"Sandhedens time... Jeg har lovet mig selv, at bliver pladen ikke færdig i 2008, så må jeg sgu droppe ideen om den..

Jeg siger ikke, at jeg går på pension, men jeg siger at jeg forsat har mikken på hylden - Den har samlet støv i et stykke tid nu, og jeg regner ikke med, at den kommer i brug igen, men man kan aldrig vide... Men i den sidste tid har jeg fundet en større passion i at producere, så hip hop er stadig i mit blod, og jeg kan mærke lysten til at skrive rim, men kan ikke overskue det at skulle indspille det, og så er man ikke længere sulten.. Og jeg syntes, at jeg hellere vil undlade udgivelsen, end jeg vil lave en plade af forpligtelse og pres.. Dette er ikke en offentlig udmelding om pension, men bare en forklaring på manglende album..
Vi hos Rap1Masse står bag mandens beslutning, og holder naturligvis af hans nyvundne passion for ar producere...

"Moment of truth.. I'd promised myself that if the album didn't get out in 2008, I had to let it go.. and I haven't recorded a lot this year.. I'm not saying that I retire, but that the mic is still lying on the shelf and is a bit dusted by now and I dont see me using it again soon.. I've found a deep passion for producing, so it's still in my everyday and in my blood. I do feel the urge to write once ina while, but to record it is to much and I don't feel that hungry anymore.. So with that in mind, I'd rather not record a long awaited album, than record an album because I feel the pressure to do so.. This is not a public statement that I retire, but an explanation to a missing album.."
We at Rap1Masse support his decision and are blessed by his newfound love of producing...

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lørdag den 25. oktober 2008

What if..

Det er et stykke tid siden, at jeg læste om DJ premier skulle producere et nummer på Eminems plade.. Og jeg kan ikke slippe tanken, så jeg var sgu nødt til at prøve at høre dem sammen.. eg lavede et nummer med dem sammen, der virkede, og før jeg vidste af det, så....

Et stykk mix, mens vi spændt afventer et nyt album fra Em... Eller et Dre album..

It's been a while, since I saw the news about DJ Premier producing atrack for Eminem's new album and I cant get it out of my mind, so Ihad to get an idea of the sound of them together.. I did one mix ofthem together and had to try again – The result is here and is called'What if..' in the spirit of a series of Marvel comics which presentsan alternative happening.. This happening is Em on Primo beats, andI've tried to create them as a blend between the two..Enjoy the mix, as we awaits the Eminem album… just as we await the newDre album..


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torsdag den 23. oktober 2008

Tour1Masse Trailer

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mandag den 20. oktober 2008


Så er der planlagt en musikalsk rejse for 2009... I januar er udfordringen at få nået 10 byer i 10 lande og få 10 beats til at lyde nationale, og ud af de 10 lande finde det bedste af hvert land i form af enten et nationalt instrument eller et musikstykke derfra og fusionere det sammen i et nummer, der helst langsomt skulle tage form på rejsen undervejs....

050109 Glasgow, Skotland
060109 Birmingham, England
070109 Paris, Frankrig
080109 Torino,Italien
090109 Skopje,Makadonien
120109 Prag,Tjekkiet
130109 Wroclaw, Polen
140109 Kiev, Ukraine
150109 St. Pedersborg, Rusland
160109 Helsinki, Finland
190109 København, Danmark
jeg havde mig at rapportere fra ruten dagligt og uploade nummeret i slutningen af dagen, for derefter at smide alle numrene op i albumform d. 210109
A musical journey have been planned for 2009.. In january the challenge is to reach 10 cities in 10 counties and get 10 beats to sound national, to find the best from all the counties, either a national instrument or a local album and fusion it to one track, that should shape up during the trip..

050109 Glasgow, Scotland
060109 Birmingham, England
070109 Paris, France
080109 Turin,Italy
090109 Skopje,Makadonia
120109 Prague, Czech Republic
130109 Wroclaw, Poland
140109 Kiev, Ukraine
150109 St. Pedersborg, Russia
160109 Helsinki, Finland
190109 Copenhagen, Denmark
Im blogging on a daily basis and are uploading the beats at the daily, for thereby throwing an entire album up 210109

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onsdag den 15. oktober 2008

Facebook Invasion

Ja, så sad jeg så her på min 'fridag' fra Acid Pro og tænkte i nye måder at markedsføre sin blog på.. Vores mål er jo at sprede den grafiske og musikalske kunnen ud til så mange som overhovedet muligt og måske få lidt jobs oveni som lidt bonus.. Og imellemtiden er så det at få en god del musik spredt og downloadet ud over kontinenterne... Så vi kan blive taget lidt seriøst, og kan vise at der sidder professionelle mennesker bag Rap1Masse og ikke en lille teenager med gode venner og et Music Maker program.. Men så midt i den seriøse tankegang kom jeg til at tænke på Facebook og mulighederne i den, og det skal jeg lige have gennemset.. Imellemtiden er der en nye gruppe i Myspace

Well, There I was on my day off from my Acid Pro and were thinkig of new ways to showcase my blog.. With a goal to spread the graphical og musical craft to as many as possible and maybe get some jobs in on the side.. And meanwhile getting a whole lot of downloads spread out throughout the globe.. Mostly in a need to be taken seriously and show that we are pros and not teens with friends and a Music Maker porgram.. And in the middle of that train of thoughts Facebook popped up and I have to rethink the possiblilities in that media...

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tirsdag den 14. oktober 2008

News at 11

Hej alle sammen. Alt går jo strålende med udgivelserne og diverse downloads, og jeg tager lidt fri fra musikken for at lave ordenlige covers til alle albums og får organiseret lidt overblik, så jeg kan overskue udgivelserne..
Jeg har desuden lige fået ideen til et julekatalog, og sende det ud så folk kan blive lidt mere obs på min blog, og så vi kan få tilbudt mine albums til alle, der måske lige mangler en sidste gave.. Jeg har et opsamlingsalbum kaldt '2008 - the year of remix' som bli'r smidt ud, klar til nytårsaften.. Og der er den ugentlige kalendergave, der skal gøres klar...
Så jeg er på dupperne...

Hi all. All is well with the downloads and the releases, so Im taking a breather from the music to focus on covers and cd Sleeve for the downloads and making a working plan to go after.. All the download will be replaced and sat on my blog again in no time...
Furthermore I just got the idea for a christmas catalog with all my releases to be send out to all to make a buzz about my blog, if you should need a last minute present.. Ive got a new years album coming and a weekly download in december,,

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mandag den 13. oktober 2008

The Wu Journal

An old Chinese fable tells the story of one clan's journey to the
temple, in which they were instructed to protect. This clan saved the emperor of the Tang Dynasty on this journey, but they were reduced from 13 to 9 in the struggle. The emperor allowed the Shaolin temple to have soldier monks and allowed the 9 remaining monks to be immortalized in the tombs of the celebrated Shaolin monks.
The Wu Journal are the remix album, combining the wellknown lyrics of members of WuTangClan with wellknown Chinese instruments and Shaolin flicks, recreating the soundscapes of acient china and a feeling of the clan returning home to the temple of Wu.


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søndag den 12. oktober 2008

What more can I say ?

Med Wu i trykken og Isaac Hayes i bakspejlet kan jeg nu lige gribe mig en dag eller to på sofaen og forsøge på ikke at tænde for Acid Pro.. Jeg vil hellere hvile ørene lidt, end jeg vil komme ud for at sidde fast eller løbe tør for gode ideer..

With Wu fresh in print and Isaac Hayes i my rear view mirror, I can relax a day or two on the couch and try NOT to turn on Acid Pro - I will rather rest my ears and regain full battery than get stock or run out of good ideas...

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torsdag den 9. oktober 2008

Soulman Therapy/The Wu Journal

Så bli'r Soulman Therapy lagt ud i morgen, to måneder efter Isaac Hayes' alt for tidlige død og grunden til denne collabo er simpel - Ligesom BillPrint ville jeg fusionere en fantastisk musiker med en fantastisk rapper, og Ludacris havde bare stemmeføring og stil, der matchede Isaacs musik perfekt.. Jeg havde godt nok masser af musikmateriale, men ville fokusere på at få Luda frem og matche essensen i nummeret..
Desuden surfede jeg forbi KevinNottingham igår og så Tokyo Cigars sidste projekt. nemlig et Wu tang remix album, ligesom jeg ville.. Jamen, store tænkere udtænker ofte lignende tanker, så jeg har opfordret til en lille dyst ved at udgive mit album før tiden, så snart at Kevin accepterer at smide det op på hans site og så lade hans læsere have flere valg, samt at udfordre ham lidt.. Det betyder bare, at jeg lige skal blive færdig før tiden, og at det så udkommer på mandag, tre dage efter Soulman Therapy.. Jeg har en hel del materiale på tegnebordet, så jeg er kampklar og glæder mig til at påbegynde nye projekter...

Im releasing Soulman Therapy tomorrow, two months after Isaac Hayes' death and the reason for this collabo is simple – Like BillPrint, I wanted to match a great musician with a great rapper, and Ludacris had a flavour that could easily match Isaac's music. I had music for days, but wanted to bring Ludacris out and match the essence in each number..
Furthermore, I was surfing by KevinNottingham.com and saw Tokyo's latest project – A wu Tang Remix Album ! Well as great minds think alike, I had to step up and challenge the man by releasing my project as soon as Kevin give the green light – The idea is to let his readers listen to both albums and this means finishing my project before time, but I only needed to check the levels on the last track and pack it… So the Wu Journals is being released on Monday, three days after Soulman Therapy..
There are plenty of new projects on the drawing board, and I am in top gear at the moment, so therefore I bring the ruckus..

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tirsdag den 7. oktober 2008

Theme and wallpapers

Jeg ved godt, at det er superego, men jeg kunne ikke lade vær'… Jeg sad med photoshop og kom I tanke om, at jeg manglede en baggrund til mit skrivebord, og bum bum bum… Rap1Masse blær Baggrund, så den er bare i vinkel..
Jeg har bare smidt kataloget op og det ser sgu for godt ud.. Jeg er i gang med at bling blinge en baggrund, og kom til at tænke på et tema til mobilen… Så der er mere at hente i nær fremtid..

I'm selfish,I know, but I couldn't help it.. I had Photoshop running, and remembered needing a wallpaper for my desktop, and bum bum bum… Rap1Masse wallpaper with the catalog and working on a bling bling version, plus a theme for Sony Erisson mobile…

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Rap1Masse

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lørdag den 4. oktober 2008

Notorious Movie

Hvor jeg glæder mig til den... Og skulle manden ikke mon ikke lave et remix soundtrack til premieredagen ?

Oh, Im exited.. Do you truely have plans for a remix soundtrack for the premiernight ?

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fredag den 3. oktober 2008

Bad Acapellas

Jeg har lige fundet et nyt site for acapellaer, men de er skod... Jeg fandt dem med baggrundsstøj, manglende vers og ikke helt den standard, man forventer at finde... Jeg fandt nogle fede Ice Cube acapellaer, men blev skuffet over at opdage, at nogle var ikke helt det, de skulle være... Hold jer tæt til kilden og få flere lækkerier snart...

I just found a new distributor, and some of his goods are not up to standards - Using these acapellas can result in bad sound, feeling dizzy and out of focus, vocals running and all in all - Not living up to being involved in a remix... I had some bad Ice cube's with one verse missing, one not really being an acapella, but contains background noises and crunked drums... This is doing some major setbacks on some of my projects, so stay tuned...

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onsdag den 1. oktober 2008

Before I sleep

Nu venter jeg ikke længere.... Her er det fedeste remix album til jer alle.... Jeg er stolt af at kunne præsentere ' Before I sleep - Remix anno domini 1988' El-P er blevet skruet 20 år tilbage i tiden, men det er stadig El og det er stadig superfedt...

I cant wait any longer.. Here's the ultimate remix album for y'all.. El Producto has been thrown back 20 years in time with your old school instruments and 808's.. Before Kanye West even touched a Roland - It's still El and still the greatest album of all time...

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tirsdag den 30. september 2008

What if...

Jeg må bare lave noget hele tiden, men forskellen denne gang er, at jeg bare har sammensat beats og vokaler.. Jeg har længe ville smide beats på Eminem acapellaer og nogle få MOP okaler, og her tænkte jeg på at bytte om, så MOP fik Dr. Dre beats, og Em fik Preemo beats..

Så inden længe får I fornøjelsen af at kunne høre projektet med titlen 'What if..'

I gotta stay busy, but he difference this time is that the vocals and beats are already made.. I've been wanting to do something with the Em and MOP acapellas, and then I got the 'What if' idea.. What if Eminem were produced by DJ Premier ? and what if M.O.P. were produced by dr. Dre ?

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mandag den 29. september 2008

The Wu Journals

Jeg kan jo ikke lave remix uden Wu. Wu er jo ligesom Ice Cube en stor pæl i Hip hop fundamentet, og jeg er da i fuld sving med at få Wu blandet med det, jeg ville betegne som deres baggrund og hjemmebane, nemlig Shaolinfilm og Kinesiske instrumenter...
Så der er lagt op til en spændende lydkulisse og en del velkendte vokaler...

I cant claim to be a remixer without wu. Wu is like Ice Cube, a backbone of the Hip Hop foundation, and Im on the panels getting Wu mixed with what I would consider their homebase and background in form of Shaolin movies and chinese instruments..
There is reason to expect the soundscape of a great flick and wellknown vocals...

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fredag den 26. september 2008

Legend of the Mask

Så er den færdig... Legend of the Mask er et blænd af varme sandstorme og postdommedagstrommer... God fornøjelse..

It's done.. Legend of the mask is a blend of hot sandstorms and westernclassics, combined with post doomsday drums - Enjoy...

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tirsdag den 23. september 2008


Tja... Vi har været fremme i skoene på det sidst - Havde dårlig nok smidt BillPrint fra os, før Vi sad med næsen i 'Before I sleep' og 'Soulman Therapy', ind fra siden kom 'Villians EP','Legend of the mask' og 'Closed for remix' og nu sidder vi med godt med godt 6-7 projekter og planlægger hvem hvad og hvor... Vi havde Johnny Cash oppe og runde en omgang, men smed det retur da det ikke passede ind nogen steder..
'Villians EP','Before I sleep' og 'legend..' er færdige, og der bliver justeret lyd på 'soulman..' 'Closed...' er i standby pga manglende rød tråd, men der er da nye projekter på tegnebordet... Nu releaser jeg en bunke ting og hviler ørene...

Well, we've been busy lately.. BillPrint barely left my computer, before I had my nose in 'Before I sleep' and 'Soulman Therapy' and along came 'Villians EP, Legends of the mask' and 'Close for remix' and now... We are deciding whom, where and what.. Johnny Cash were in as a suggestion, but had to be passed, because it didn't fit in anywhere..
A lot of albums are done, and level are being adjusted on 'Soulman'. 'Closed for remix' are on standby, until I can see a theme in it - For now we're doing the releases and rest... One..

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mandag den 22. september 2008

It Used to be so Common

Jeg har stadig optur over mit eget remix af 'I used to love Her' med Black Heat, og efter Legend of the Mask har jeg lyst til en omgang soul, så jeg har både Ludacris med Isaac Hayes til Soulman Therapy, og så tror jeg lige, at jeg fletter lidt sammen med Common til dette remix album.. It used to be so Common skal referere til de store numre, hvor han virkelig får tingene sagt og så er det mit ansvar at levere lydsiden..

I'm still on a personal high after my own remix og I used to love her featuring Black Heat, and after Legend of the mask, I could use some soul, without the assassin.. Im working on the Soulman Therapy, but doing Common on the side, 'cause I can feel the need to do some heartful soul - The title It used to be so Common is a thought to his greater work and here it's up to me to deliver the sound...

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mandag den 15. september 2008

Legend of the Mask Redux

Så kommer der mere fra posen af godter... Arbejdet er begyndt på 'Legend of the mask Redux' med Sick Jacken... Jeg fandt acapellaerne og tænkte hvorfor ikke ? Så jeg giver den en omgang western og dommedagslyd...

More from the goodie bag.. I've begun the Legend of the mask Redux album, and it sounds great.... Got the vocals and why not give it a shot, so Im blending Sick Jacken with old western sounds and apocalypse sounds...

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onsdag den 10. september 2008

Villians EP

Mens vi venter på El Producto, og hvor vidt han godkender vores remix album, så er der lagt op til maskebal med MF Doom - Når nu man får smidt lidt Doom efter sig, så bliver man nødt til at lægge musik til... Så her er Villians EP...

While waiting for El Producto, and his longawaited decision of what o do with the remix album, we had to have a mask included in the menu - And when MF Doom is thrown at you, one have to put some beats to - So I give you Villians EP...

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tirsdag den 9. september 2008

Remix1Masse Vol. 2

Så kom der endelig en 2'er og en 3'er i støbeskeen - Jeg er faldet lidt for at lave concept remix albums, men falder da tilbage i stolen fra tid til anden og smækker en allstar samling op - Og inden nogen kommenterer det, så ja, jeg har samplet Thomas Rusiak på Eminem, men jeg kalder det mashup og nikker nakke til det...

Finally, a part 2 of Remix1Masse with everything hot from Aesop Rock to Eminem, in which I've sampled Thomas Rusiak (Featherwight) Ohhhhh Yeaaaahhhh... And I've got a part 3 waiting... There is much more coming from this Icemayn...
Remix1Masse Vol.2

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mandag den 25. august 2008

Nyt cover

Efter mailen fra El, kan jeg jo godt tænke mig at finde mit eget album på definitivejux.net som download eller noget, og i den anledning ville jeg jo gerne have det vildeste cover, så jeg gik i old school mode og lavede et nyt cover og sendte til manden...

After the mail from El-P, I had ideas about finding the album on his site as a download or whatelse and in the occasion I wanted to represent the album in a very def way, so I went into old school mode and created a new cover and mailed it to the head honcho..

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lørdag den 23. august 2008

El P Mail

Jeg er jo def jux fan til banet, og da jeg sidder og arbejder på remix albummet med El P, måtte jeg altså skrive til El inde på mypace og fortælle om albummet - Jeg vedhæftede et link til et af numrene og han svarede sgu igen :
this is surprisingly dope. did you do the whole album?
peace, el
Og jeg har allerede skrevet tilbage med en håndfuld numre og en melding om, at hvis han kan bruge det, så er jeg den beærede og takker jatak - Mon ikke far her kunne tænke sig at blive en jukie ?

I'm a def jux fan to the bone, and when working on the remix album with El, I had to write ham on myspace and tell about the project - I linked a track to him and he did write back.. So now I've answered back with a fistfull of tracks and a approval to use the track, should he like it enough..Dont you know me well enough to know, that becoming a jukie would be a true come true...

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onsdag den 13. august 2008

ARP Odyssey

Åh hvilket vidunder... Jeg sidder jo indhyldet i wave filer og prøver at overbevise mig selv og andre om, at jeg kan beherske musik instrumenter. Og samtidigt må jeg jo se nærmere på, hvilke maskiner jeg har involveret i dette eksperiment og her er ARP fantastisk - Jeg lavede to numre med den igår, og jeg når lige at tænke på en stemning eller en lyd, så spytter den ud og gør sit til at få det til at virke... Skønne maskine.. Og hvor har jeg dog savnet Roland TR 707'eren - Den har jo både udseendet og lyden med sig.... Jeg har en bedre fornemmelse omkring "Before I sleep" nu, hvor jeg har fået stiftet bekendskab med maskinerne...

Oh such wonder - I'm in the middle of waves and are trying to convince myself and others, that I can control these musical instruments. I've got to see and feel these machines involved in this remix dogme experiment and the ARP is magical. I don't even have to think about the mood and vibe, before the machine does its thing and perform with great finess and how I've missed the 707 with the look and the sounds. I got a much safer feeling about the "Before I sleep" project now...

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tirsdag den 12. august 2008

The BillPrint

Så er den endelig færdig og jeg har ladet KevinNottingham have premieren på den, siden at hans side har givet mig så megen lyst og inspiration til at lave mere og bedre remix..

Så her er så : The BillPrint
It's finally done and I've had KevinNottingham do the premier since his site is the main reason for the inspiration and energy it has given me to do more and better remixes.
So press the link above and enjoy..

“We’ve seen Jay Z in many forms with his Black Album and American Gangster, but I wanted a more lounge version of Sean Carter, so I let him do his thing together with Bill Withers, the funky man and the result is at hand - This is the men’s club with cigars and bourbon in thick glasses, this is two smooth cats grooving to Bill’s tunes and Jay’s poetry.Be still and chill, my brothas, because it’s time to start the show with Billprint.”

01 The Ruler's Back ( Who is He )
02 The Takeover ( Harlem )
03 Izzo (Use me )
04 Heart of a Lonely Town
05 Never Change ( Better Days )
06 Girls girls ( Can we Pretend )
07 Jigga My Nigg* ( Better Off )
08 You dont know ( I Dont know )
09 Do it Good

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Before I sleep

Når nu jeg var igang, så har jeg udfordret mig selv med et sæt dogme regler, som skulle få mig til at tænke anderledes og få nogle ting frem , og jeg fik en ide...

Tænk hvis El-Ps album "I'll sleep when you're dead" var lavet i 1988 ? Jeg har sat mig selv i den situation, at jeg skal lave remix albummet "Before I sleep - Remix anno 1988" og være begrænset af de muligheder, der var dengang.. Jeg må bruge min computer,Acid Pro og El-Ps vokaler, men alle instrumenter og fyldstykker til albummet skal være fra før 1988. Det betyder at jeg ikke kan sample løs, men skal benytte mig af Roland 707 og 808, Moog, Korg og en hel andre spændende ting til at lave remix albummet, og det er en udfordring... Og her er en smagsprøve..
Tasmanian Pain Coaster rmx

Since Im in the mood, I've challenged myself with a set of dogme rules, which is supposed to bring some new ways of producing and would bring out the artist and I had an idea..

What if El-P's album "I'll sleep when you're dead" were made in 1988 ? I've put myself in that situation to recreate El's album as a remix "Before I sleep - Remix anno 1988" and be limited to only use the instruments and equipment from 1988. I can't sample ulimited, I'm reduced to vintage drum machines like 808 and 707, Moog, Korg and other stuff and hopefully create a remix album, as if it was made in 1988, and that's the challenge, which with succes could be branded Remix Dogme..
Here's a sneak..
Tasmanian Pain Coaster rmx

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