søndag den 7. december 2008


It's been a while.. My problem hasn't been the net or the modem or anything like that - It has mainly been the fact that my music program Acid Pro decided to be an arse and not show me the waves in a piece of music, but showed me an empty bar no matter what I did - I tried to reinstall the shit and go to forums to tell my situation.. I tried a newer version with the same result.. Finally I tried to download a netwire helping graphic works and it helped.. My problem is that I did discover it a bit late because of my projects. I'm always a few projects ahead of my planner, but dealing with this problem took a whole lot of work and thinking.. I'm back in the lab, still convinced that I did best in not letting anyone in my staff or outside the office try to repair my computer or fix my program... Im still looking at the projects and try to uphold a timeline, thinking of the Tour1Masse and the amount of accapellas for 2009...

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