mandag den 30. juni 2008

Remix1Masse Vol. 1

Jeg har nok remixet de første 50 numre,

så denne opsamling måtte jo komme før eller siden.. Dete album er planlagt at spredes på nettet, og måske sprede mine talenter som producent af ForVild musik.....
Remix af : Isbjerg

I must have remixed 50+ tracks, so the album had to come.. This album is planned to spread throughout the net and show my skills as a producer of expanding music..

1. Presentation
2. Shake your rump rmx
3. American Dream rmx
4. You dont know rmx
5. Can I have it like that rmx
6. Scenester rmx
7. Change Clothes rmx
8. Flyentology rmx
9. I Used to love HER rmx
10. Gimme Tha loot rmx
11. Blue Magic rmx
12. Tear it off rmx
13. Everything must go rmx
14. Guess whos back rmx
15. Third World rmx
16. The greatest Pacman victory rmx
17. The Building rmx
18. Dont touch me rmx
19. Next Episode rmx

Download det her..

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