torsdag den 27. maj 2010

Acapella Archives

This Blog have been a saint several times, when I needed a acapella and they do have a nice quality of acapellas.. They had a remix contest in May and I entered with Sick Jacken and my "Legend of the Mask Redux" and it won...

So thanx for the support and Here's a reup with the dramatic album :

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søndag den 23. maj 2010


Well.. For the last 9 weeks Ive been sick. And In a way that I wish for no one... First I had problems breathing in the right nostral and a fews days later the left - This led to some serious snorring and some lousy sleep.. I contacted my doctor who passed me on to a specialist. The first had an opening for me 3rd of June and the second had me in earlier, meaning I had to wait 5 days with heavy snot and heavy breathing, not smelling anything..
The specialist examined me and gave me a Nosehorn and a nosespray - To make the Nosehorn work as it should, I was supposed to have salt water running from one nostral to another but nothing.. The only result after the 4th time was the pressure in my head went from the nose, spreading to my left ear, reducing my hearing to a minimum..
So now Im not only not smelling anything, but I not hearing half of things my wife tells me, not hearing whatever my kids wants and not hearing anything - I had to read my wife's lips to get it severals times a day... So I went back to the specialist and got some medicine, this time Imadrax which I feel is working the pressure in my head are almost gone, my hearing is better and Im happy.. So now Ive gotts get over

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