mandag den 26. april 2010


Keith Elam aka Guru died the 19th of April. He shall be missed and remembered as a part of legendary Gangstarr, and I will personally salute in his memory.. And I promise to dig in the mystery surrounding him, especailly in the light of Solar and his action regarding his role in Guru's life..
Keith's nephew made a video on youtube, sniffling and expressing true feelings towards his uncle, being concerned with Solar being a sneaky little rat, doing the Anne Nicole Smith trick by being a nurse/friend sucking life and fortune out of the poor victim, feeding of the victim...
Solar have made documents stating him as the one making all decisions on behalf of Guru, and denying his nephew and friends to see Guru..
And the last letter - Partly written by Guru and mainly written by Solar..

So Im here, yelling out for justice and let Solar get his.. The more he speaks on the rumours of him being the true composer behind the letter...

And in the meantime, imma listen to a tribute mix made by his partner in rhyme and old friend DJ Premier Download

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tirsdag den 13. april 2010

Isbjerg : Mama Knocked you out

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It's almost a tradition to release my work, when a remix contest comes to an end on and this time Im proud to present 14 instrumentals ready to lay vocals on and complete the joints, so if MC's feels temped, go ahead but holla back with the result..
Every time I begin on a project, its hard to see the direction and great to feel the rush setting the course for another album.. As the classic LL Joint, a lot of the original samples came from James Brown, so it wasnt hard to make it funky, but I had to stear away from the sound whenever possible to make the album 'breath'..

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