torsdag den 23. april 2009

Common : Gladiator rmx

Yesterday KevinNottingham had another contest posted on Common and the contest is not only for US citizens but is also a contest, where you have to pay to enter.. NO WAY !

Let me for the record say that it's not Kevin's fault and get right down to the music... I had 5 samples for tryouts for this joint and ended up with this... Im very pleased with it and feel that Ive given the track another emotional vibe....


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søndag den 19. april 2009

Jay Z : The Isbjerg Print

KevinNottingham have once again called upon the knight of the round turntable and started the Blueprint remix contest... Once again Im getting to remix Jay and here's the first track.. Ive thrown Jackie in the chorus to call Jay out.. 'If it wasnt for you...' We woundn't be sitting here, remixing this amazing album..


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