onsdag den 18. marts 2009

After Danish Donuts

It's been a while... Ive been focused 100% on this project and now its finished... Im happy and sad at the same time, looking at my sideproject - The Nas/Olu Dara remix album... With help and strong assistance from my Nottinghammers, we managed to finish half an album so far, going for the rest - Ive got S.T.T.R.E.S.S., One mic, Flamesyall, Tokyo Cigar and more doing their part to do a family album... Its gonna be sweet... And after that ?

Before None Passing - Aesop Rock Remix album...
Homeostasis Soundtrack - composing a modern ode for the streets..
Remix Movement - Taj Ai remix album...
Dante's theory - Mos Def Remix album..
Frozen Veins - Cannibal Ox remix album..
His Evil Highness - Madvillian remixed..

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