søndag den 12. september 2010

Jeff Spec : Sneakerboxxx

Sometimes my mail is full of mails from producers and MC's showing off skills and spreading their things all over the net.. And once in a while, a gem drops in and shows its true color.. Jeff Spec is one of those - His album Sneakerboxxx isnt his first and I got carried away by this canadian MC, doing his thing in a goodfeeling way. Much like Slum Village or an old tribe album, this vibe for the album for spreading smiles all over... I had that feeling at once and had to share it - This album is in my player for some serious listening, because I know that thia album will lift you up when you need it.. Max Zipursky and jeff himself are producing it and it shows love for the sound of wellmade hip hop.. Nas can say what he wants - It's never been dead in the presence of Jeff Spec..
Especially 'On my feet', Microphone Bully' and '80s baby' are evidence of good work and I cant wait to listen it again... And maybe even remix it...

Jeff Spec Bandcamp

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