søndag den 18. januar 2009

No news ?

Yes, you'll get it.... As you properbly guessed, I haven't been writing any blogs for some time, mainly because of sickness and a long story short, Im home in Denmark and I'm working on my projects again, this time I'm on some different ish and here's the projects who's been thought off the last two weeks..

Reinvented Beats Vol. 1 - 4
I take the original track/tracks and hold the samples up against classic artist using and reuse it in a new way...
Ex: I take Rick James' Superfreak and make you regonize it, let MC Hammer get a sec or two to be remembered and then... Flip it my way and try to put a new vibe and flow on it... To keep them legendary, I'll keep the name, that made the sampled track famous - 'Can't touch this'

Game Music - Music to play video games by
Ive been playing for years, and I believe that this genre needs some beats for game playing...

and so much more to come...

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