søndag den 28. december 2008

Notion : Daily DomiNotion

In the spirit of Kevin Nottinghams new contest called IllMatic Beat Contest where we must recreate a beat from the original samples used for the Nas album.. Confused ?
Well, not to long ago, another contest had its prime with the australian artist Notion, and I got the acapellas and the album and went blanc on ideas foir this project untill I was working on the remake of Nas' album - Why not combine Notion with the talent and the samples from Gangstarr's 'Daily Operation' and reproduce it together as 'Daily DomiNotion' - I'm 4 tracks deep and have mailed Notion to ask him about the idea...

yo man!
I hit up the site, and holy shit i was on there lol! Sick! Where did ya get the pics from loL? myspace or facebook? haha it came out cool, if ya want i got a gang more flicks for you to use for it, and other shit. lemme know.
Thanks man for all this, im flattered. Go nuts and remix wateva ya want, reference them to the originals to see if the raps come in early or wateva, and have fun!
hit me up..

APpreciate the love,
Peace fam

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